Alkazar Salonneries VIP Opening

Last Friday we were invited to attend a most glamorous evening at the official launch of Alkazar Salonnieres hosted by the inherently fabulous ladies from Girl About Town. Being GAT’s first event of 2016, there was no surprise at the utmost chic-elegance the girls were bringing into the new year with this outstanding event.

At the launch, Alkazar Salonnieres was covered ceiling to ground in extravagant leafy/floral decorations and, despite being a small space, felt grand and spacious with this glorious setup. The space itself is normally very modern and sleek, with a black and white minimalistic interior and products lining the walls in colour groups.

IMG_4358 (Large)

IMG_4355 (Large)

Alkazar Salonnieres launch fitout.

Drinks were flowing with Moet and Veuve Clicquot champagne, as well as a choice of grapefruit or orange juice mixers and a sprinkle of mixed fresh fruits to garnish. A chocolate fondue fountain graced the far left corner with a divine wooden cheese tower positioned just opposite. As if that wasn’t enough, guests were treated to sushi platters and fruit cones. It was certainly one hell of a launch party.

Alkazar Salonnieres are sure to use nothing but quality products on their clients. Australian-made Pure Hair Food products are all free of sulphates and parabens, and the name of the brand really says it all. Being both cruelty-free and 100% locally sourced in Australia, Pure Hair Food is a delight for the hair and soul. Kevin Murphy is a world renowned brand that searches for ingredients grown organically or in an ecologically  sustainable environment. Their products, in turn, offer one of the highest levels of natural quality in the hair-care world.

IMG_4405 (Large)

IMG_4395 (Large)

Pure Hair Food and Kevin Murphy hair-care products.

So, if it’s a effortless hairstyle you’re after for a 21st birthday party, or maybe a dramatic new cut for the new year, we’d recommend giving Alkazar Salonnieres the chance to show you what they’ve got. It’s likely going to consist of a whole lot of style and class, that’s for sure.

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