Bistro Dom raises the bar for take-away in Adelaide

Tucked away in a seemingly abandoned alleyway just off of Waymouth sits Bistro Dom‘s brand new take-away service, .dom cbd. This funky new addition to Adelaide’s food scene sits directly behind the Bistro Dom restaurant and is themed Español, complete with a funky block-coloured paint job, open take-away window and delicious tapas-style lunch options.

Being one of the first to check out .dom cbd, our first impression was pure shock at how effectively the secluded alleyway actually resembled a quirky Spanish side street. Our personal experiences of Barcelona, Spain included a whole lot of running around and exploring hidden spots, and walking into the colourful .dom cbd on a lonesome Cordwainers Lane had us in major déjà vu (and nostalgia) mode.

IMG_9860 (Large)

The colourful .dom cbd stands out on an otherwise quiet Cordwainers Lane

On a large blackboard placed just above the take-away window, the full lunch menu was scribbled down in chalk, with its corresponding prices written using the euro (€) symbol. While this had us a little confused as to whether or not we needed to consider the exchange rate at first, we loved the sense of authenticity this ever so subtle touch made.

The food itself was basically street food with a fine dining twist; each dish came served in basic cardboard trays, yet had an impeccable presentation and complexity in flavour that only a fine dining chef could really achieve. On offer were salt crusted potatoes Papas Arrugadas, Corn Fritters with Parmesan Cream, Jamon and Goatscurd on Sourdough, Warm Quinoa and Trout with Carrot Vinegar, SA squid, SA prawns and .dom cbd Open Steak Sandwich.

IMG_9863 (Large)

Bistro Dom’s Head Chef Luke Southwood serving our lunch!

We allowed the staff to choose for us (and this was a seriously great idea), sampling the Papas Arrugadas, SA squid and Jamon on Sourdough. The potatoes came whole (thankfully baby-sized) and were deliciously salty, making for the perfect on-the-go snack. The Jamon and Goatscurd on Sourdough came in two pieces on a bed of salad, with the fresh sourdough being made in house. The smell of fresh bread cooking and wafting past our noses had actually been one of the first things we noticed when strolling up to the take-away window! Finally, the SA squid was absolutely phenomenal, combining a few different flavours such as a citrysy lemon dressing and a squid ink dressing, as well as a sprinkle of herbs on a bed of spinach leaves. This was certainly the favourite.

Jamon and Goatscurd on Sourdough at Bistro Dom

Jamon and Goatscurd on Sourdough

SA Squid at Bistro Dom

SA Squid

Papas Arrugadas at Bistro Dom

Papas Arrugadas

Everything about this space is definitely unique to Adelaide; we’d best liken it to Nonna Mallozzi on Peel Street. Perhaps the only downside is the lack of seating available on the street, but why not make that an excuse to escape down to one of the grassy green city parks with .dom cbd take-away during your lunch break?

.dom cbd will be open Tuesdays – Fridays 11am – 3pm. Prices range from €6 to €15 between the seven delectable menu options. Soft drinks are €2.5 and tea or coffee is €3.5.

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