Bringing otherness to wine with The Other Wine Co.

The Other Wine Co.

Hailing from South Australia, we’re proud to be the wine people within our group of friends in Sydney. Nothing excites us quite like a good drop paired with a delicious plate, and we’re always keen to hear what new things are going in in SA we can add to our racks. The latest excitement to fill our glasses is The Other Wine Co., a young, innovative winemaking team working out of the Shaw + Smith site in the Adelaide Hills.

Led by intuitive wine man Matt Large, the brand is inquisitive and experimental, exploring new regions, different varietals and various winemaking styles. The website states its guidebook is full of simple questions. ‘Are we passionate about this place? Does this grape excite us? Can we have fun with it?’, and as you sample the bottles, you can really see this coming through.

Sitting on the website currently are four drops: a savoury 2023 Arinto, a floral 2022 Barbera, a vibrant 2021 Grenache and a complex and sweet Savagnin to round off the bunch.

  • The Other Wine Co.
  • The Other Wine Co.
  • The Other Wine Co.

As well as a passion for crafting exciting drops that push otherness, The Other Wine Co. cares equally for sustainability. They play by landlord Shaw + Smith’s fantastic sustainability practices while adding to them through their own initiatives like ‘lightening up’. This is a process where wines are bottled in lightweight glass (hence the term ‘lightweighted’), which weighs 34% less than regular bottles. Packaging and transport make up 78% of the wine industry’s carbon footprint, so you can see how lightening the bottle design lightens the environmental impact in more ways than one.

They also promote sustainable viticulture practices, make use of solar panels and recycle 100% of water during production.

As well as being able to purchase bottles individually, The Other Wine Co. also offer a fun subscription service. There’s no sign-up fee, and members receive a minimum of a dozen wines from their collection a year. You can choose whether you receive these all at once, or spread it out with three bottles a quarter. Who doesn’t love a regular wine delivery?

To browse their offering and purchase individually or by subscription, head to The Other Wine Co.’s website.

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