Eastend Cabaret: Perverts


With songs titled Dangerwank and Erection Tango, I knew that Eastend Cabaret: Perverts was not going to be for the faint hearted.

This hilariously risqué show started at 11:30pm for a reason. The show is packed with sexual innuendos, audience participation (boobs in face, tongue licking face kind of participation) and of course song and dance.

This duo, Bernie and Victy, have created a jaw-achingly hysterical comedy that is totally inappropriate, but they somehow get away with it. Not many acts can discuss masturbation openly on stage and have the audience busting up laughing rather than leaving (running from) the premises.

Bernie is a real European diva who has not only mastered comedy, but is an incredible singer too. The lyrics to her songs may have been cringeworthily funny, but there was nothing comical about her standout vocal performance. She commanded and anchored the audience’s attention and made sure that every member of the audience felt completely uncomfortable, but in a good way.

Victy (Bernie’s one man/woman band), was equally fantastic. Not only is Victy an exceptional musician, but her ability to improvise on stage and maintain character throughout the performance’s entirety was outstanding.  She was equally as cheeky as Bernie, if not more so. The duo combined really makes the show a standout. They are completely compatible to make this naughty show totally acceptable and a must see.

These professional perverts have performed in sell-out shows right around the world, and it is really no surprise that they have such a great reputation; they are comical geniuses. The show was unexpectedly mischievous and witty and something I would definitely see again!

We rate: ★★★★ 4.5/5 stars


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