Have you visited the Good Fortune Market yet?

Brought to you by the guys behind The Social Creative – creators of Royal Croquet Club, Alpine Winter Village, Little Miss Crab Shack, Dive Shop and Mexico – the Good Fortune Market is Adelaide’s latest pop-up extravaganza, introduced as part of OzAsia Festival.

Transforming Elder Park into what feels like the hustle and bustle of an authentic Asian marketplace, the Good Fortune Market presents an array of food stalls lining the outskirts of the park, as well as some fun (and free!) entertainment.

Still harnessing that oh-so-familiar ‘Social Creative‘ flair, the Good Fortune Market does quite differ from previous projects such as Royal Croquet Club and Alpine Winter Village. Aside from the obvious change in theme, there is a strong focus on food at Good Fortune, with 22 delicious Asian food vendors each bringing something delicious and drool-worthy to the table.



Social Creative Director Stuart Duckworth says; “The Social Creative team, especially myself are obsessed with Asian food, from weekly pho lunch meetings to late night Ying Chow feasts, we’re no strangers to the oriental cuisine.”

“When the opportunity presented itself to partner up with OzAsia to deliver the outdoor hub for the 10th anniversary of the festival we, of course, jumped at the opportunity and together we developed Good Fortune!”

If there’s one thing these guys do best, it’s definitely a funky entrance, and Good Fortune’s was without doubt one of our favourites so far. Laden in coloured glowing lanterns and neon piping, we were hypnotised by the lights as we meandered through the narrow entrance pathway, only to find ourselves teleported in a truly magical space.



Instantly, the smell of hot spices and cooking rice wafted past our noses, and traditional Asian music played live on a stage further down the hill. Costumed dancers wandered the space and giant blow up animals proved an Instagram worthy subject, with attendees lining up to strike a pose with the colourful creatures. The entire marketplace was really an enchanting explosion of colour and culture.

We indulged in the delicious Asian street food on offer, snacking on fried dumplings and seasoned green beans, as well as crunchy chicken pieces and …well… more dumplings. Drinks were flowing of course, and the Sake Bar was one of the market’s highlights, offering some of the highest quality imported Japanese whiskey and sake.

It’s no secret we’ve always wanted to travel around Asia but haven’t gotten around to it yet, so the Good Fortune Market is certainly looking like a pretty great alternative. Open for just 12 days ’til October the 2nd, this is one you won’t want to miss.

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