The Journey to Wellness Starts Now: The Girl Gang Have Made their Debut

In a world where social media dominates our everyday lives, mental vulnerability in teens and young adults is at an all-time high. The Girl Gang Wellness are here to change up the social scape by shifting the way we perceive it. Founder, Danielle Demourtzdis, will soon be coaching young girls to love, learn and grow through a series of workshops. The goal is to focus on qualities that make young women special, and build their inner strength to overcome harsh self-criticism. The team provide a safe and supportive platform to discuss issues, while educating young girls throughout the complications that come with teenage years. The challenge they pose is to become the best version of yourself through making healthy life choices. Rest assured mums and dads! A helping hand is on its way.

The official launch was hosted at PalaceNovaCinemas, featuring three educated guest speakers who know all about mental health and wellness through their own extensive journeys. We’re talking about vocalist and educator Joanna Tropeano, psychologist and love coach Brigitte Zonta, and Cosmopolitan Woman of the Year and Aussie social influencer, Elle Ferguson.

Having grown up facing derogative racial comments, but with a desire to fill the hearts around her through song, Joanna Tropeano learnt to transform negativity into something beautiful. She shared the story of how singing has kept her mind happy and her body healthy through stressful times in her life, while reminding us of the power of words. Joanna will be working in collaboration with The Girl Gang Wellness to bring in the element of voice and creative expression.

Brigitte Zonta knows what it’s like to be your own worst enemy. Now a mother, psychologist and ultimate girl boss—Brigitte wants all young women to love themselves and have faith in the future as it organically unfolds. Taking time out for yourself was the dominant message of her speech, encouraging mothers to recharge before giving energy back to others.

It was hard for guests to contain their excitement as successful business owner, Elle Ferguson, spoke intimately with the audience about her teenage years. As a victim of bullying herself, Elle’s focus was on resilience and surrounding yourself with like-minded people. As a family orientated person, Elle admits she was lucky to have the love and encouragement of her sister and mother growing up. The message reiterates the importance of stability and a solid support network, much like The Girl Gang Wellness strive to create. From the wise words of Cinderella, Elle lives by one simple message: “Have courage, and be kind.”

Between the enlightening conversation, delicious mocktails courtesy of Mojo Beverages, bliss balls by Jamu and fanatical food concoctions by Sukhalife filled our tummies. Upon meeting the bubbly and charismatic Elle Ferguson, we were warmed by her down-to-earth nature and approachable persona, and even scored a snap.

The first Girl Gang Wellness workshop is approaching this August, when the journey to wellness will officially begin. Stay tuned for more info via their Facebook or Instagram to secure a spot in this wonderful program!


Photography: Liberty Petersen

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