McDonalds // Create Your Taste hits SA

Who doesn’t love a good burger or those classic fries from the land of golden arches also known as McDonald’s?

Well, if you haven’t yet sussed McDonald’s new Create Your Taste campaign, you’re missing out big time. This wonderful installment has finally reached the company’s SA chains in recent weeks and so far it’s been quite a big hit.

Just so you’re in the know, Create Your Taste is a new heavenly invention that allows customers to hold the freedom of creating the burger of their dreams. In other words, the campaign offers customers a new customisable gourmet burger menu using digital kiosks.

This week, The Adelaidian and selected guests were invited to trial this revolutionary concept at McDonald’s West Terrace. Building our burgers from scratch, we could choose from over 30 ingredients with options of different bun varieties including brioche and even lettuce for a healthier substitute.

After ordering our meals on the kiosk, we sat down and relaxed while our creation was being made before having it delivered to our very own table by waiters.

With technology forever advancing, many can agree that Macca’s is successfully surviving through time and maintaining a huge customer base despite the introduction of many competitive niche, burger places to have hit the town in recent years.

McDonald’s South Australian Market Director Mahassan Haddad agrees the concept has come at a great time following the state’s burger movement as well as aligning suitably with the busy lives of everyday people.

‘In the last two years, South Australia has experienced a big wave in burger popularity and experimentation, we are innovating and changing to meet the needs of our customers by giving them the control to create the flavour combinations that suit them.’

‘We see plenty of patrons already customising their orders, either by requesting additional sauce or removing pickles. Create Your Taste takes this one step further, placing all of the control in our customer’s hands,’ Haddad says.

Consumers will generally only have to wait for 6-10 minutes while their burgers are being made with fresh ingredients. With a unique selection including, guacamole, tortilla chips, several cheese varieties and salads, customers can have as much creativity as possible; you don’t have the restriction of choosing a particular burger.

Not only are customers happy, but the economy will now be pleased to thanks to the 8000 jobs the campaign has created nationally this year. More than 700 new roles will also have been created in SA alone by the end of December 2015.

The installment has created a whole new staff set for each McDonalds with waiters who will help you out at the kiosk who will guide you through and give you suggestions if you want.

The campaign was generated from customer feedback as there was a trend with the gourmet burger thing and it’s a way for McDonalds to sort of get on the bandwagon but in a unique way, using the digital kiosk to create your own taste is a different approach to it and maybe a bit more fun.

Visit your nearest McDonalds today and experience creating your own taste.


Photo Credit: Professional Public Relations

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