MFW Student Runway RMIT

RMIT is home to one of Australia’s most prestigious fashion and textiles courses, and as a result their Melbourne Fashion Week runway is constantly pushing the boundaries of what fashion is capable of.

If we had to define the show in one word, it would fall under ‘futuristic’. Oversized coats and hoods were met with brilliant metallics and eccentric textures, creating an almost sci-fi tone for the runway. Headwear and sunglasses shielded the faces of many of the models, contrasting with a steely white haircut that only added to the futuristic mystery.

The list of talented students that presented at the 2017 RMIT showcase were Bahar Acahan, Jaspar Fearnley, Jessica Gregory, Rachel Louey, Solange Ting, Lucinda Houghton, Lydia Foord, Sammi Gus, Charmaine De Lima, Abhaya Aullen Mistry, Alex McQuire, Vivian Chan, Rebecca Tipping, Melissa Dimakis, Josh Nien, Madeleine Jost, Adriana Bonanno, Emilia Colicchia, Xiangqiao Sheng, and Zoe Zou.

To find out more about what we got up to during Melbourne Fashion Week, head to vlog Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Photography: Lucas Dawson

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