Myer Centre Styling Session: Shop Your Shape

As the season of hibernation begins, coats, pants and boots are the winter essentials that are at large. Filip Odzak (Filip with an F), a stylist for The Myer Centre Adelaide, kindly showed us what to wear and how to style for the season ahead!

An important part of styling is remembering that every shape and size should be catered to according to assets. This can take years off appearances, enhance curves, but in my case, it could even make you look taller than just over 5 foot (wishful thinking). Fillip proved that this style can come at any cost; you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good. In the Myer Centre Adelaide, brands such as Review, Temt, Seed, Bossini and Roger David all have outstanding garments for this season that won’t send you broke! Colour palettes of beige were trending, teamed with woolen blend coats and a contrast of navy or black accessories. These pieces are all “trans-seasonal” and can be utilised throughout autumn, spring and winter!

For curves, Fillip proved that great differences can be made through a simple clinching tool of a belt. We were also encouraged to stay away from ‘shift style’ dresses at all costs! On the contrast, taller slender girls are encouraged to make use of the wide leg pant and flowy skirts. They are also encouraged by Fillip to wear high neck tops and ‘turtle neck’ knits. This adds volume and a shapely figure to a slender build.

See the tag #myercentreade on Instagram for more pictures of the exclusive styling sessions!

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