Photo Diary: Art and Antipasto at The Cullen

If you’re a bit of an art junkie and you haven’t heard of the Art Series Hotel Group, you’ll certainly be glad we’ve introduced you to them!

This particular hotel group are unlike any other; they theme their hotels to that of any one Australian contemporary artist, offering an experience a little out of the ordinary. Currently occupying hotels dedicated to artists such as Dr John OlsenCharles BlackmanTommy Watson and many more, the Art Series have a number of unique boutique hotels across Australia that are perfect for both business and leisure.

On our last trip to Melbourne, we had the pleasure of staying at Art Series’ The Cullen Hotel, located just off Chapel St in Prahan. This quirky cool space is an ongoing tribute to Sydney-born artist Adam Cullen, who initially gained recognition for chaining a decomposing pigs head to his ankle for two weeks.

His award-winning art addressed topics such as crime and the relationship between animal and human behaviours, using bold colours in a pop-cartoon style of painting. The Cullen houses a number of these incredible artworks, decorating the rooms and foyer in splashes of bright green, pink, orange and yellow.

Our two-bed suite bore highlights of bright green, complete with shiny, sleek black furnishings and counter-tops, as well as a balcony overlooking the Melbourne city skyline. In-room-dining was catered by The Cullen’s Americana style restaurant Gramercy Social, offering burgers, salads, and delicious antipasto alongside a artisanal brunch cocktail menu and craft beers, wine and spirits.

Below, we’ve documented a little photo diary of our time exploring The Cullen. If you want to find out more about the hotel, follow through to the website here, otherwise we hope you enjoy our photo gallery!

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