raaAAage at Fat Controller

What you’re about to read will strike you to the very core of nostalgia if you were a 90s/early noughties kid.

The Fat Man graciously invites you all to take a trip back in time into his basement for the first ever RAGE party at All You Can Eat on Friday 16th September.

No, we’re not talking about Rage Against The Machine… although, they’ll probably feature heavily throughout the evening.

This night is dedicated to everything ‘RAGE’, the ABC’s now 28-year-old stalwart musical program, the same show that brought us everything Video Hits most certainly did not.

Like RAGE, Friday 16th will not be for the faint of heart—or the faint of fashion—with an all-out 90s theme, awesome vinyl giveaways and some VHS surprises, as well as the official Stonecutters Festival AP!

AYCE’s resident DJs will be spinning tunes from 9pm before some special guest programmers drop you into a time warp and provide a RAGE-injected playlist for the ages.

So lace up your Volleys, chuck on some straight-cut jeans, even go a bit Cobain and throw on a unisex cardigan; it’s time to rage, for once, alongside the machines.


Header image: ABC

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