Westfield Food and Wine Weekend Masterclass

Paella means family … family means no body gets left behind … or forgotten. Okay it doesn’t really but it is traditionally a tasty family sized dish.

Panacea, along with their Sous Chef Benjamin Schulz held a special masterclass for media to preview the upcoming Westfield Food and Wine Weekend.

Although we left the cooking to Benjamin, we were able to dice onions, chorizo and tomatoes which were then added to the paella.


Benjamin, a chef for over 20 years, explained this masterclass was the first ever held by Panacea as he began to prepare the Paella in a large dish.

Benjamin explained ‘Paella’ means one dish, in one pan, traditionally made with leftover food.

Paella is made using Bomba rice which is a smaller granule of rice, ensuring it has a lot more flavour and absorbs more of the juices. Benjamin explained it was completely different to risotto as the texture is supposed to be crunchy instead of creamy.


Seafood stock, chorizo, mussels, squid, tiger prawns, chicken breast and king prawns, saffron and other delicious ingredients all contributed to make one delicious dish.

After the paella became crusty and golden it was served to the group with many of us going back for seconds. Our paella was complimented by Kilkanoon 2013 Prodigal Grenache and Jericho 2015 Adelaide Hills Fume Blanc.

From 8-9 October you can sample fresh, local food and wine at any three of Adelaide’s Westfield locations, Marion, Tea Tree Plaza and West Lakes.


At Westfield Marion on Saturday and Sunday, wine tasting will be held between 12pm – 5pm, near Aldi while the junior master chefs can learn to make pizza in the Little Foodies Pizza Making Workshop from 11am – 2pm in the Food Mall.

On the Saturday, Jessie Spiby will be hosting a Fresh Food Masterclass in the new Food Mall at 3pm while on Sunday, Kris Lloyd will host at 12pm. Everybody’s favourite person Steve the Bartender will also be holding Gin Tastings in the new Food Mall at 3pm on Sunday.

Remember to bring photographic ID as events involving alcohol are 18+ only. 

Images taken by Alyce James-Tronnolone

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