What is microneedling? I tested it out with Deluxe Beauty Lab

Microdermabrasion at Deluxe Beauty Lab Kograh

Those who know me know I’m partial to a good beauty treatment. Facials, LED treatments, steaming, microdermabrasion – I’m a fan of it all. One treatment I’d heard good things about but hadn’t tried yet was microneedling, so when Deluxe Beauty Lab in Kograh offered to let me test it out, I jumped at the opportunity.

I’d first heard about microneedling from a friend at work who has flawless skin. When she told me she used to have bad acne scarring I didn’t believe her, because every day at the office she has the kind of skin I would die to have. She showed me her photos from a few years ago though, and she did have scarring on the lower half of her cheeks. The last couple of years she’d been doing regular microneedling treatments, and she attributed that to her scars fading away and the gorgeous, glowing skin she has now.

While I don’t have acne scarring, like everyone, I do have quite a bit of texture on my skin, and as I’m almost 30, a few fine lines are starting to appear. Microneedling is said to smooth out texture and fine lines, which sounded like exactly what I was after.

So, what is microneedling? It’s a cosmetic procedure that involves pricking the skin with tiny needles to cause inflation in the skin and kick your body’s natural healing process into action. In doing this, your body sends collagen and elastic to the inflated area, which we all know is what gives skin its youthful, fresh look.

Walking into Deluxe Beauty Lab on the day of my treatment, I was quite nervous. My friend wouldn’t confirm or deny whether microneedling hurts, but having had Botox and filler before, I figured it couldn’t hurt any more than that. Still, nobody likes to be in pain.

The staff that greeted me and talking me through the procedure were incredibly friendly, patient and kind though, which helped me to feel a bit at ease before the treatment began. They started by applying a thick layer of numbing cream to my face, which they left on for a full half hour before removing. By this point, my face was so numb, you probably could’ve punched me and I wouldn’t have felt anything.

As the staff guided me into the room where the microneedling would take place, I felt my nerves slowly start to creep back in. However, as the nurse started applying the vibrating, pen-like device to my forehead to begin the procedure, I immediately started to relax as I realised I really couldn’t feel anything.

So, was microneedling painful? Absolutely not. It was so painless I asked my friend who accompanied me to take a video so I could see, and was surprised to see blood on my face. It feels just like a little vibration, with a slight amount of discomfort as the needles go over bony areas, but nothing close to pain.

Afterwards, my face was incredibly flushed and dry, so the team applied a thick barrier cream to my face and set me under a red LED light mask for a while to help speed up the healing process.

All up, the treatment took about 2 hours. This included them talking me through the procedure, signing the waivers, waiting for the numbing cream to set in, the actual microneedling, and then the LED mask at the end. I really appreciated how the staff at Deluxe Beauty Lab took their time going through everything with me, I never felt rushed at any point and I think that contributed to my overall pleasant experience greatly.

It’s been a couple of weeks since the microneedling, and while my skin is still recovering (I’m prone to dry skin, and with the cold weather right now I’m not surprised it’s still a little dry!), I’m very happy with the results. My makeup is going on so much smoother and my skin just looks fresher and healthier.

I’ll definitely be visiting Deluxe Beauty Lab again in future for more microneedling, and next time I get any botox or filler I’ll be coming here too.

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