30 things to do during Coronavirus to make self isolation a little more fun


Welcome to 2020 guys, it’s only March and we’re all locked up in our homes to help stop the spread of the infamous Coronavirus. Rather than sitting on the couch and staring into space, we might as well make the most of our time spent at home to do things we’ve been meaning to do for ages, but never have time for. And to make self isolation more fun, of course. We’ve also got a few special mentions in here to local SA businesses coming up with fun and innovative ideas to survive the crisis that we think are definitely worth supporting. Here’s our list of 30 ways to make self isolation a little more fun.

  1. Wash your makeup brushes
  2. Grow some herbs
  3. Make pasta from scratch
  4. Learn to make some new cocktails with some SA spirits from Big Easy Drinks, delivered to your door
  5. Redecorate your room (you can still order cute things online)
  6. Learn a new language on Duolingo
  7. Watch Harry Potter at the exact same time as the rest of the world in isolation Sunday 29th March and Sunday 5th April
  8. Rediscover your favourite Playstation/ Xbox/ etc game
  9. Organise your wardrobe
  10. Sell things online you don’t use anymore
  11. Host a solo photoshoot in your room with your brand new Sound of Silence tee that’s supporting the Australian music industry through the outbreak
  12. Do some online workouts, like Aleenta Barre On-Demand
  13. Plan your next getaway for when everything calms down. With all the crazy travel specials for late 2020/ early 2021, it would be a shame not to bookmark a few
  14. Get some culture into you and stream a world-class theatre production online at Digital Theatre
  15. Make a photo album or scrapbook with photos from your last holiday
  16. Learn to do nail art
  17. Make and post birthday cards to all your friends who are going to be spending their special day in isolation
  18. Take part in an online, interactive choir course with Emma Dean
  19. Have a bath with some candles and a face mask
  20. Order delivery from your favourite local restaurant (many are offering home delivery while they can’t open the doors to the public)
  21. Host a Facetime wine tasting session with your friends with some home-delivered wine from Longview Vineyard – use code DISTANCE20 for 20% off (until 6/4/20)
  22. Learn a new make-up look by following a YouTube tutorial
  23. Find a new favourite podcast
  24. Teach yourself to sew using online tutorials
  25. Learn one of those whack TikTok dances (they’re harder than they look)
  26. Update your LinkedIn
  27. Take a virtual tour of the NGV
  28. Get two months of Adobe for free and learn how to edit photos and videos like a pro
  29. Catch up on all the Coronavirus memes and videos. If we can’t laugh about it, we’ll cry
  30. Call your friends and family. Make sure they’re doing ok
Cover image: Big Easy Drinks

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