4 quick tips to help you spring clean your wardrobe

It might be hard to believe, but spring is almost upon us and we cannot wait for what the new season will deliver. However, the downside of this transitional wardrobe phase can be the overcrowding in cupboards and indecisiveness between what to wear – and the weather certainly doesn’t help.

One day it’s a bright, vibrant morning that deteriorates into a bleak afternoon or it’s a cloudy day that surfaces into a sweat fest. Never fear, we are here to help you transition into spring in a seamless fashion while maintaining your own personal aesthetic. Here are the questions you should be asking yourself when sorting your wardrobe to style in spring 2017.

1. Do I need this?

The hardest, most basic question you can ask yourself when transitioning from winter to spring: do I really need this? This one is all on you. Look inside yourself and really assess if the items in front of you are something you need to hold onto.

2. Have I worn this in the last three years?

Be honest, ladies. If you haven’t worn it in three years then why are you keeping it? It needs to go, unless it’s vintage Chanel.

3. Is that a… TEAR?!

Tears, holes, loose strings. They’re the calling cards of a garment well worn. This baby has lived a long life and now it’s time for it be ditched.

4. Have I lost/gained weight?

This is another one for the honesty policy – maybe all your working out has paid off and your clothes are too big, or you’ve finally grown those curves you’ve always wanted! Is that former-body-con dress making you look more like a string of sausages than Kimmy K circa 2014? If so, it’s time to part with it.

Image: Etsy

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