8 Fancy and Easy to Create Everyday Hairstyles

We’re obsessed with hairstyles that look fancy and flawless yet are easy enough to recreate everyday. For example, you may have seen our previous easy hairstyles for Adelaide Fashion Festival, which were all designed for you to recreate at home to wear out and look your best. Here are eight more options for you to try, easiest first. See which one you like best and let us know in the comments below.


1. Effortless Messy Bun

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Not all messy buns are created equal. Some look cute and complimentary while others just look like a sloppy job.

In order to have a messy bun look effortless yet cute, first put your hair into a high ponytail. Use your fingers to put it up instead of a brush to preserve imperfections. When you place the hair tie over the hair, don’t let go. Instead, twist the hair around in a loop, using the hair band to capture the hair in a doughnut shape. Pull apart the doughnut shape until it is shaped as desired.


2. Little Braid Accent

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Add a little detail to your hair with a braid accent. This can be a tiny French braid along one side of the head or a regular braid pinned back. Let the rest of the hair go natural, straight, wavy or curled. Tiny braid accents are quick, easy and add a fancy touch into your everyday look.


3. Tight Top Knot

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For a polished look, the tight top knot is a perfect choice. First, make a tight ponytail. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the band to hide it. Keep in place with a bobby pin. Take another section of hair, wrapping it around the bit of ponytail right above the band first then around the band again before securing it. Repeat until all hair has been wrapped and secured. Make sure to slick down baby hairs with spray, as this is a more polished look.


4. Voluminous Braid

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This hairstyle is all about preparation. Apply dry shampoo to roots, let set then comb out. If you need even more volume, flip your hair over and repeat. After volumising, make a French braid.

Then, gently pull each piece of the braid, starting from close to your head, to make it look bigger and also a bit dishevelled. This is perfect for a gorgeous look that doesn’t take too much time.


5. Classic Beachy Wave

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Probably one of the most popular everyday hairstyles of all time is the beach wave. It’s a classic for a good reason. Not only is the style flattering for short, medium and long hair lengths, but it is also flattering for nearly every face shape as well. There are many ways to do a classic beachy wave, one of which involves just a straightener!

First, make sure your hair is relatively straight. Separate small sections of hair at a time. Place one section of hair into the straightener at the top of the strand, near your head. Hold the bottom of the section over the barrel of the iron and gently pull the iron down the strip of hair. When you let go, you should have a gently curled strip of hair.

Do this to your entire head. If any hair is too tightly curled, then run it through the straightener until you get the desired look. Set with spray to make it last longer.


6. Elegant Interwoven Braid Bun

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There are so many beautiful braid styles, but not many can be done everyday. However, low interwoven braid buns which sit at the nape of the neck can often be completed in around 10 minutes or less.

To get a beautiful look, separate three sections of hair. Rope braid one section then gently tug on the hair to give volume to the twists. Wind it across the back of the head in a loop. Do the same with the other two strands. Once all three strands are interwoven, pull out or tuck in certain areas to balance the bun.

Of course, if this sounds too difficult, there are professionals out there to help. Hair by Jaz will come to your door and help with any braid style you may desire. Or, check out Bookwell, a free local venue booking site which can help you take care of all hair needs.


7. Chic Bedhead

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Bedhead is one of the most effortless ways to look chic and like you didn’t try too hard, while framing your face. Creating a chic bedhead is similar to the classic beachy wave, only with pre-curling product (for volume) and a complete deconstruction of the curls.

First, add some form of volumiser to make sure hair will stand up away from the face. Take your hair and curl, using either a curling iron or straightener. When all curls are intact, then make them messier by running your fingers through them or even brushing the hair to get rid of any perfect curls.


8. High Texture Ponytail

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Obviously, an easy hairstyle is the ponytail — but a high-texture ponytail is a completely different thing, think the va-va-voom of ponytails. It is eye-catching and beautiful.

First, curl your hair. Then, separate the hair into three parts (in front of the ears, back top and back bottom). Make a high ponytail with the back top. Then, brush the back bottom up to meet the ponytail and secure with another band. Volumise hair before ears, then place back into the ponytail. Comb the hair in the ponytail backwards, from the tip to the ponytail, creating drama.

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