Ambra: Adelaide’s Own Italian Liqueur Company

Ambra Liqueurs is South Australia’s only producer of Limoncello, it is made in a little factory just outside the CBD. They buy in South Australian lemons, put the peels in a large vat of pure alcohol and let them distill. Meanwhile, all the leftover lemons go to Nippy’s. No wastage here! The beautiful lemon colour and taste is completely natural, extracted straight from the peel.

Smelling the lemons soaking in 100% alcohol

Smelling the lemons soaking in pure alcohol

Ambra Liqueurs was founded in 1998 by Libero De Luca, after noticing an appreciation in the market for Italian Liqueurs. Now Ambra make six different kinds of Liqueurs; Argumello, an fruity orange liqueur, Amaretto, an almond and marzipan liqueur, Chocolatino, a smooth, rich chocolate and orange liqueur, Limoncello, a zesty lemon liqueur that also comes as Crema di Limoncello, a creamy lemon liqueur and Cappuccino, a coffee liqueur made using freshly roasted coffee beans.

IMG_6117 (Large)

Ambra Agrumello

As well as liqueurs, Ambra also make a variety of sweets, like liqueur-filled chocolates and nougats, perfect for wedding bombonieres and cute little gifts.

The Chocolatini!

The Chocolatino!

Our favourite liqueur we tried was Chocolatino, which we sampled in a deliciously creamy cocktail that tasted like a chocolate milkshake! Special mention to the Ambra Tiramisu, a wonderful new take on the traditional Italian dessert that features Limoncello as one of the ingredients.

The to-die-for Ambra Tiramisu

The to-die-for Ambra Tiramisu

You can find Ambra Liqueurs stocked at most Dan Murphy’s, or pop into their cellar door in Thebarton for tastings and to purchase all the delightful little sweets!

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