Barbie and Ken Revamp ft. Man-bun Ken

There’s just something about the Barbie and Ken lifestyle that still attracts grown up attention, isn’t there? Maybe its Barbie’s enviable wardrobe or Ken’s understated sartorial style that keeps attention on the toys longer than any other from childhood.

The beloved Barbie has had a revamp of her wardrobe and body shape, with additional Barbies released into the market to cater for diversity in our current society. Never one to be left out, Ken’s typical male mould has also been reviewed to mirror a modern male. Today, Mattel announced The New Crew, a range of dolls that presents the diversity of each doll, featuring a vast range of skin tones, eye colouring, body shape and hairstyle.

Yes, there is a hipster Ken, man-bun and all. Never one to miss a beat, both dolls stay true to their stylish roots and savvy knack for nailing a look, with A-line skirts and button up polo shirts featuring throughout the doll-wardrobe.

Take a look at your new Barbie’s and Ken’s, taking over the world one doll at a time.

Images: Mattel

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