A Belsazar Rose Spritz at No 29 Power Station West

Rain, hail or shine, No 29 Power Station West in Battersea is a lovely little London hotspot. We happened to experience all three – rain, hail AND shine – when visiting last weekend, however we still had a most wonderful time despite the volatile weather conditions.

The restaurant itself is large, spacious and contemporary in design, with sleek marble tables and giant windows letting in all the sunshine. While the tables outside overlooking the Thames looked tempting, we could see the dark clouds looming over and opted for a spot inside on the plush couch seating instead. Sure enough, a vicious bout of hail followed, which we were just so lucky to escape.

We had been invited in to celebrate May Day with a seasonal Belsazar Vermouth Rosé & Tonic. Normally, May Day (May the 6th) marks the start of summer for Brits over here… a pretty lousy start with all that hail, we must say ?. The moment we took a sip of our Belsazar, however, we instantly forgot our weather woes and were whisked away to a warm weather mindset.

Offering a bittersweet flavour profile, we loved the zesty blend of pink grapefruit, seville oranges and a touch of orange blossom and raspberry to finish. Light, refreshing and dangerously more-ish, this pretty pink cocktail was basically the embodiment of summer in London.

We accompanied our summer spritz’ with a plate of steamed mussels and sourdough, comprising of cream, cornish orchard cider, garlic & chives. We also helped ourselves to Bavette Steak with house made fries and chimichurri, as well as a side of Truffle Cauliflower Macaroni Cheese (basically, fancy mac ‘n’ cheese).

Have we got your mouth watering yet? Suss the full menu here and book yourself a table by the river on a warm, sunny day. We hear its going to be 17 degrees and sunny all week…

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