Bill Parton as Buble Makes Us Feel Good

On Saturday evening I ventured to The Arkaba Hotel to witness possibly one of the highlights of the 2017 Adelaide Fringe season, Buble. Having fallen in love with vintage classics by the man himself Michael Buble, you could say I was very excited, getting in early to score a seat that offered undisturbed views of the stage. Having sold-out, I knew it would be packed, and I can understand why. Over the years, Michael Buble has wooed fans with his take on songs by the much-loved 50s icon Frank Sinatra, as well as his Christmas album that can be heard in almost every retail outlet during the busy festive season.

Bill Parton was the man of the show, leading an 18-piece big band that made the most captivating snazzy sounds I’ve ever heard live, stealing our hearts in a sensory overload with their jazzy and stylish take on Buble’s eight album catalogue. As soon as Parton entered the space in a suave dark grey suit, tie and trendy haircut, guests seemed to have already fallen in love, belting out ‘Feeling Good’ as he started the night right. Parton’s alluring energy was something that could not be ignored, as he ignited our inner-fan girl with his down-to-earth, chatty and charming persona, referring to personal stories that related to his favourite songs.

Parton’s tribute to the four time Grammy Award winning singer makes it quite clear why he is internationally acclaimed, partnering up with one of the country’s premier jazz orchestras that represent are the bees knees in live entertainment. Saddened to see Parton walk off stage, I blared Micheal Buble on the way home, singing along with a feeling of contentedness that could not be interrupted.

We rate: ★★★★ 4.5/5 stars

Image: Adelaide Fringe

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