Botanical cocktails at jungle-themed restaurant Rockwell

We all love a fancy themed bar, especially when said theme resembles a whimsical, jungle-like sanctuary. Brand new drinking and dining destination Rockwell features a tropical interior design and boasts botanical cocktails to match. Inside, vivacious green plants fill every nook and cranny, while columns and draping curtains bear paintings of palm leaves and wild flowers. It’s a neat escape from the concrete jungle that is London.

We popped in the other week for a sample selection of Rockwell’s botanical cocktails and sharing dishes. The bar’s unique claim to fame is that they are the only bar in London sourcing their botanicals from a sustainable underground farm. The farm actually grows its produce 33 metres below the streets of Clapham in abandoned tunnels! Seriously, is this not fascinating? This is the first time we’ve actually heard of an “underground farm” and we honestly had no idea it was possible.

A quick skim of the cocktail menu shows a selection of original flavour pairings with unique names to draw the eye. A few of our favourites:

  • Bear’s Breeches: Ocho Tequila, Kamm & Son’s, grape juice, carob syrup, lime juice and sparkling aloe vera
  • Fern’s Elixir: Americano Bianco, Mancino Secco Ambrato Vermouth, watermelon juice, electric bitters and cremant de Limoux
  • Tangerine Capybara: Cocoa Butter Embargo Rum, Ron de Jeremy Spiced Rum, lime juice, papaya and mango puree, apple and elderflower juice

Rockwell’s bar food menu comprised of sharing plates, with the suggestion of 2-3 dishes per person. To begin with, we tried hummus with crudites – a very healthy option that was both light on the stomach and light in flavour. The lemon and herb chicken skewers were another light pick before moving onto our ceviche tacos and brioche sliders. Taco flavours varied between sea bass and red cabbage, salmon with ginger and avocado, and tuna with soy sauce. And last but never least, boards of sliders rounded the meal off. Lamb, breaded chicken, beef and falafel with quinoa were among the slider optionals.

Rockwell is found at 2 Spring Gardens on Trafalgar Square and is open 11am to 1am from Thursday to Saturday and 11am to midnight from Monday to Wednesday.

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