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Body Pump at North Adelaide Fitness
Body Pump at North Adelaide Fitness

When I used to frequent the gym often, Body Pump was always my favourite class. This week I found myself back at Body Pump through ClassPass, although at a very different gym. It was bucketing down with rain when I ran through the doors of North Adelaide Fitness, but I wasn’t be cold and wet for long.

From the moment the class started we were lifting weights, squatting and lunging. I love these high-energy, fast-paced classes because you don’t have any time to think about how tired you are, and you can pretend to feel of all last night’s KFC burning off from your body. Our instructor Tanya was really supportive and followed through the whole workout with us, only stopping a few times to correct someone’s posture or grip.

Body Pump is a great class for everyone, from beginners to Arnold Schwarzenegger, as you can adjust your weights to suit your fitness. If you’re a jelly bean like me and can’t lift much at all, you can stay on the lowest weights for the whole class. Or if you’re insanely strong, you can pile the weights as much as you like, and adjust them throughout the class to suit the strength of different parts of your body.

The North Adelaide Fitness slogan is ‘The alternative to big, impersonal gyms!’, and I couldn’t agree more. Everyone from the guys at the front desk to the energetic instructor made me feel welcome, even when I was being super annoying and take photos around the place. I’ll definitely be back here to try their kickboxing class soon!

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