Collaborazione by Andie Meredith

On the 27th of April, Creative Director Andie Meredith will launch her collaborative exhibition ‘Collaborazione’ at 5 Rankins Lane in Melbourne’s CBD.

The exhibition will feature an amalgamation of local artisans from across Australia, showcasing an array of fine arts in ceramics, textile, shoe design, accessories, furniture, illustration, music and jewellery.

Inspiration behind Collaborazione lies in the cobblestone alleys of Florence, Italy, where Andie had spent much of her time wandering about.

Andie’s Collaborazione designing in progress

“During my visit to Firenze I experienced a vast array of local artisans who offered unique, thoughtful designs. The studios that I visited were tucked away, down little cobblestone laneways – disparate from the global ‘luxury’ brand names” says Andie.

“Since living in Melbourne I’ve wanted to recreate my ‘Firenze experience’ by way of collaborating with a handful of local artisans whose work I particularly connect with. Each of these designers and artisans push boundaries within their design discipline, create the unexpected and deliver to a niche market.”

Creative Directer Andie Meredith

Creative Directer Andie Meredith

Signature fabric prints have always been key to Andie’s womenswear collections, often inspired by architecture and nature.

Collaborazione will be one for those who hold an appreciation for fashion as an art form, and those who have an interest in textile design. To find out more about Andie and her work, follow through to!


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