Complete your travel skincare with Emma Lewisham Essentials

Emma Lewisham Skincare Essentials

Maintaining a substantial skincare routine while abroad can be often be a pain. When you’re travelling, the last thing you want to do is take up space in your suitcase with heavy skincare products. Minis are always recommended, but not every great skincare brand has an extended selection of minis to cover all your skin needs. That’s why I’d highly recommend the latest collection by evidence-based skin brand Emma Lewisham.

The Emma Lewisham Essentials is a new collection featuring some of their most loved picks. It’s also the ultimate introduction to their range. While I’m no newbie to Emma Lewisham, their essentials kit was simply perfect for my recent trip to Scotland. Battling winter chills and harsh weather conditions in the freezing north, I flew over for a wintery Christmas break and loved every second of it. So did my skin thanks to a travel-tailored skin routine with my new essentials kit.

Emma Lewisham Skincare Essentials

Within the collection, you’ll find a face cleanser, serum, eye cream, face oil, exfoliant and two moisturisers for day and night. That wholly covered both my AM and PM routine for the face, which meant I only had to add some body care to my travel bag. Collectively, the volume came to 55mls; perfectly lightweight and easy for me to bundle into my cabin bag. I actually always have a little self-care airplane pack that makes travelling so much more easy and enjoyable. Complete with the pretty purple Emma Lewisham products it just gave me so much joy to use. It’s all in the little things!

From the gorgeous packaging to the velvety feel of the products against the skin, I am undeniably a huge Emma Lewisham stan. Their moisturisers have always been my favourite – namely the SPF one – but I really enjoyed getting the chance to try more of the range with this versatile kit. It comes to a reasonable $145 and would make an excellent gift if you know a friend or family member who is travelling soon. You can check out the full collection here.

And if you were wondering just how great my skin was looking on my Scotland trip despite numerous snowstorms, suss the travel reel:

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