Dance Off with Puma at MSFW

Activewear has become more than just the daggy clothes you wear at the gym. Activewear has bred a culture of streetwear that see people wearing brands like Puma to clubs, festivals and generally just all over. When we were invited to watch Puma present their show at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, we were pretty excited because we wanted to see what cool, innovative designs they would bring to the street this season.


Crop tops, mesh and muscle shirts aren’t going anywhere, with loads of layering being used and more emphasis on showing muscly arms and abs than breasts. Casually tying a jumper around your waist as an effortless way to show silhouette is a trend that originated in the sporting world and is still making appearances on the activewear (and ready-to-wear) runway. Metallic/patterned booty shorts are a popular trend often seen worn at festivals and clubs, and Puma have added more than a few options to their collection to give party-goers some variety.


The collection was worn by a posse of fit af models, as well as three energetic hip-hop dancers that broke up the show. The three girls demonstrated how much movement the clothing allowed and how it could easily transfer between exercise gear and streetwear.

So, if you’re looking for that sports bra to effortlessly wear under a sheer shirt to perfectly nail the #sportluxe trend, make sure to suss out Puma’s sleek variety here.

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