Fall in love with these sleek and timeless frames by Oscar Wylee

Do you know what we really love about glasses? Well, aside from the fact we can actually see things clearer, that is. It’s just how sleek and stylish the designs have become over the years, and the way in which a simple pair of frames can totally elevate your whole look.

Long gone are the days when wearing glasses was considered ‘uncool’ or ‘dorky’. They are, quite possibly, one of our favourite accessories and will probably be for a long, long time.

When we were approached by slick Aussie brand Oscar Wylee to collab, we jumped at the chance to get styling with their frames. Their stores are always so sleek and their designs are always keeping up with the trends.

For a while now, very thin, fine frames have been a revered fashion statement. We love how delicate they look, yet how versatile they can be with any one outfit. Whether you’ve got a corporate look, dressy outfit or casual home fit, a pair of thin frames will always add an elegant finish.

Not only are we obsessing over fine frames, we are obsessing over fine frames that are either clear or gold. Oscar Wylee has so many of these styles to choose from, and it was love at first sight when we spied a pair that fit this description in every way possible.

The Mona in citrus is a feminine cat-eye frame, offering a fashion-forward silhouette that features clear plastic and gold detailing. Complementing your best features with its sharp points, these glasses enhance your jawline, eyebrows and winged eyeliner (if you’re wearing any). We love this pair for day-to-night styling, wearing from the office to after work drinks.

Our eyes also darted over to the sophisticated Sonia, placed elegantly on one of Oscar Wylee’s crisp white shelves. These frames are a rounder style, and more soft on the features. They are of a thin clear and gold combination again, so you can see we went for a bit of a theme here! We love to style this nifty pair with some fine gold jewellery to match.

Kristen Byass Oscar Wylee
Kristen Byass Oscar Wylee

If you’re in search of a new pair of everyday frames to work with any outfit, head to Oscar Wylee to browse the range. It’s quite a large range, so you can expect to find many more styles similar to these fine examples above.

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