Fashion+Aid 2016!

Walking into the Crown Casino is always a lucrative experience, with luxury dripping from every inch of the ginormous building. This time was especially exciting however, as I was walking in to attend the 2016 Fashion+Aid Ball to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation and Fight Cancer Foundation.

Girls in flowing gowns laden with lace and crystals converged in groups around the media wall, everyone clamouring to get a photo and enter the best dressed competition for the night. Reality TV star spotting was another popular pre-dinner activity, with everyone from the Real Housewives to The Bachelor milling about.

No, that's not a real house-wife, it's just me, Kristen

No, that’s not a real house-wife, it’s just me, Kristen

Dave Hughes hosted the event, and opened the evening by paying out 90% of the people in the room, including himself. After some more formalities, the entertainment began.

A spectacular runway ran throughout the evening, featuring designs from Sheep Shearer, Catherine R Couture, Calibre and Leona Edminston. Talented signers performed covers of popular songs for the models to walk to and dancers performed throughout.

One of the many fabulous runway shows at Fashion+Aid

One of the many fabulous runway shows at Fashion+Aid

Generally, my least favourite part of balls is the food. Though they’re full of fun, glamorously-dressed people, great entertainment and loads of alcohol, preparing food for hundreds of people is no easy feat and it usually lacks greatly. The Crown however totally nailed the food, serving perfectly-cooked prawns, tender chicken, devour-able beef and creative desserts.

To wrap up the evening, the Rogue Traders performed a live gig that had even the most poised and fashionable people kicking off their heels and getting down on the d-floor (the generous amounts of wine served may have had a helping hand in this).

The Rogue Traders perform live

The Rogue Traders performed live

The room was buzzing with energy from the moment the evening began right up until people began to leave for the afterparty at Bond, and it’s safe to say Fashion+Aid was a night we’re never going to forget.

Though Fashion+Aid is one hell of a party, its purpose is actually to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation and Fight Cancer Foundation. If you’d like to make a donation, you can visit their websites by clicking on the links.

Photography by James Thomas Photo

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