Lusting over APM Monaco’s new collection Enchainee

We could not be more obsessed with the latest collection from APM Monaco. Sleek, chic, and undeniably fashion-forward, the Enchainee collection boasts clean lines and a range of timeless classics turned contemporary. Whether it’s a sparkly chain bracelet or a stackable pair of rose gold earrings, we can’t get enough of these cool, minimal designs.

Paying homage to the classic chain necklace is the Chaîne Maille Marine Necklace. Handcrafted from sterling silver, this necklace features chunky chain links and accented links micropaved with white zirconia stone. The perfect touch of glam to any look, this chain is one of our favourite designs out of the entire collection.

Complementary to this necklace is the Chaîne Maille Marine Bracelet and Maille Marine Earrings. Both constructed using the same materials as the necklace, they offer a show-stopping, cohesive look when all styled together. Of course, they look just as great on their own, too!

What truly stole our hearts about the Enchainee collection is the stacking opportunities. Cue: the Chaîne Grain De Café Necklace. Another contemporary version of the classic chain, this style features glossy chain links with accents of zirconia, this time offering a slightly different filled look.

Together with the Chaîne Maille Marine Necklace, you can stack layers and layers of these two pieces to create a bold and opulent jewellery look. See the pic below for inspo:

As you can see, the stacking doesn’t stop with the gorgeous necklaces. Get mix and matching with the chain bracelets and earrings; why not throw them all together for that wow-factor finish?

And as if it doesn’t get better than that, you can actually remove parts of the earrings to shake up the versatility of your pieces. For example, the Paved Grain De Café Earrings (which are the earrings we now own and are in love with!) offer two links, with an optional sparkly disc that can be removed for a more minimal effect. You can even link multiple pairs up together, or throw in parts of the Maille Marine Earrings, also! It’s such a playful idea, we wish more jewellery was versatile like this.

This mix-and-match approach is so à la mode it hurts. We find that APM are always at the forefront of jewellery design and our eyes are constantly peeled for their latest collections. Head to their online store to shop all the styles mentioned in this post and more!

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