Photo Diary: Mr Fogg’s House of Botanicals Tipsy Tea

Forget the champagne and earl grey, Mr Fogg’s House of Botanicals is here to turn teatime on its head. Aptly titled Tipsy Tea, this botanical-inspired afternoon delight is just the thing to indulge in on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Every Mr Fogg’s venue we’ve been to so far has been fantastically decorated, and House of Botanicals is no exception. With fresh greenery sprouting out of every corner, every ceiling and even winding around objects, paired with pretty wooden and pastel decor, you’ll have a hard time not taking a million pictures for the ‘gram.

To access the high tea you’ll need to wander up a chic winding staircase to the room upstairs. Here, you’ll find plush chairs and elegant drapes over windows looking out over busting Fitzrovia. When seated, you’ll have to choose between three options: a single teapot, a bottomless teapot or a bottomless champagne teapot of Blooming Tea. There are five unique tea flavours, using either a rum, tequila or gin base. Brought out in china teapots and served into dainty teacups, it’ll be the quaintest cocktail you’ve ever sipped on.

Along with the Blooming Teas, a decadent three-tier tower of food is brought out for you to enjoy. Little scones, pastries, bagels and doughnut balls are among the treats on offer, with a healthy mix of sweet and savoury to devour.

As well as the high tea tower, friendly staff wander around the floor sporadically offering additional tasty treats to guests. Dressed in romantic dresses of fanciful floral prints and lace trimmings, the lovely waitresses truly help to make the atmosphere feel that little bit extra special.

If you’re keen to settle down with your friends for a long, lazy Tipsy Tea at Mr Fogg’s House of Botanicals, you can book through their website here.

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