Smith & Sinclair x Firebox Christmas Cocktail Event

In light of festive season, Smith & Sinclair took to hosting a jolly Christmas Cocktail Masterclass in conjunction with Firebox last week and we just so happened to get involved.

Held at The Flowerpot Hoxton, we arrived fashionably late to the masterclass and were instantly welcomed by warm smiles, a glass of champagne and a stretching long table covered in glittering confetti in a dimly lit room filled with sparkling Christmas decorations… What better way to welcome your guests, even if they’re late ones?

The room was filled with an infectious, buzzing excitement, translating quite clearly to the mayhem that was about to go down. Smith & Sinclair had come armed and ready to catapult us all into their ever so crazy world of cocktail confectionary.

Smith & Sinclair Christmas Cocktail Event with The Influencer's Diary

Essentially, all you need to know about Smith & Sinclair is that they’re here to make your parties (and consequently, your lives) a helluva lot more fun. We had attended the event totally blind and uneducated about the company but, after a successful masterclass playing with all their bits and bobs, we soon figured out why S&S are totally killing it right now.

One of our favourite and most memorable moments of the masterclass was using Smith & Sinclair’s delightful ‘Flavour Your Fizz’ product. I mean, this product blew our minds. Coming a clinical kinda tube are these little, round Berocca-type tablets that, when used exactly like a Berocca dropped in your glass of champagne, changes your drink into something completely different. Champagne is great, but these fizzy guys make it even better by transforming your glass into a cocktail bursting with flavour. We enjoyed at least three glasses using the elderflower flavoured Flavour Your Fizz. Wow, that was a tongue-twister.

Melissa Zahorujko at Smith & Sinclair Christmas Cocktail Event with The Influencer's Diary

The second best product in our eyes were the delectable but inherently dangerous cocktail gummies. These bad boys contained a whopping alcoholic content that, after three or four, would surely have you feeling a little tipsy (and certainly over the drink driving limit). We couldn’t get enough of the Mocha Espresso Martini gummy (containing 15.8% vodka!! Danger!!).

Seriously though, can you imagine rocking up to a party with a bag full of these party playfuls in all different kinds of flavours and handing them out around the room? It would be like Christmas and you’re the boozy Santa. A couple alcoholic gummies for you, some cocktail fragrances for you… people would go crazy for it. Knowing ourselves and how much we love experimenting with similar things like flavoursome condiments and tapas grazing boards, these products are gonna be our new favourite party picks, that’s for sure.

Christmas is just around the corner guys, so if you’re struggling with gift ideas, you know what to do. Follow the link here and get that Christmas shopping underway.


Images: provided by Smith & Sinclair

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