Surrender to His Holy Highness Doctor YaYa

CC: All Barrio fans. The dream team behind the legendary Fringe riverbank festival, Geoff & Ross, have created Adelaide’s very first Micro-Nation, Surrender, conveniently located by the River Torrens (approximately behind the Intercontinental). All citizens will therefore have access to wonderful waterfront views, tasty Stable Hill wines, and constant eargasms from tantalising sounds.


After denouncing the Australian Government and all its allies, you may enter Surrendernesia and enjoy all the wonders this small nation has to offer. Some of which include, but are not limited to, nightly State Banquests, local cultural artwork, public floggings and folkloric performances.

You may be asking, which talented musicians are citizens of Surrendernesia and will be entertaining us with said folkloric performances? We have access to top secret Surrender government information which allows us knowledge of which musicians are call this micro-nation home. J Rocc will be present, delivering hip hop, latin and house, heading lining for the first time down under. DJ Muro, DJ Dexter with Crucial Social Sound and Burning Man favourite Ali B will also be taking up residence in this celebrated nation.

A schedule is available below, so you can start readying your passports and packing your bags. Surrender will be taking refugees and travellers from the 20th February, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night 6pm-2am. Visas will cost you $10 after 7:30, however free access is allowed before then.

We hope to see you all there, enjoying the wonderful culture and local treasures Surrender has to offer, as well as offering your best prayers for Doctor YaYa, Father of All Sentient Beings and President of Surrender.


Sound Schedule
Friday 20th February – Dexter & Late Nite Tuff Guy
Saturday 21st February – Crucial Social Sound featuring A13, Jelly Fish, Dexter and his brother in arms DJ Kuya
Sunday 22nd February – J Rocc & Kano
Friday 27th February – Mad Racket featuring Simon Caldwell, Ken Cloud & Jimmi James
Saturday 28th February – DJ Muro (Disco Set)
Sunday 1st March – DJ Muro (Hip-Hop/Soul Set)
Friday 6th March – Macky Banton & Stryka D, Turbo Felx with DJ Muskrat
Saturday 7th March – Ali B
Sunday 8th March – Mista Savona (DJ Set)
Friday 13th March – Total Eclipse
Saturday 14th March – Dirty House Party featuring HMC
Sunday 15th March – LTJ Bukem

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