Tea Degrees: Adelaide Get its First Gourmet Bubble Tea Bar

Adelaidians love their gourmet food. With award-winning restaurants and renowned wineries, it’s fair to say we’re a little bit fancy here in the City of Churches.

Now, Adelaide welcomes its very first gourmet bubble tea bar, Tea Degrees. Featuring flavours like Rocky Road, Salted Caramel, Nutella, and Whey Protein, these bubbly concoctions are sure to stir up the Adelaide scene. The menu features top-tier ingredients including Elementary Coffee, dutch cocoa, high quality milks – giving customers that special gourmet experience.

Bourgeoning bubble tea fans and long-time bubble lovers alike can be often overwhelmed with the sheer range of jellies, teas, milks & flavours available in any bubble tea bar.

Thankfully, owners of Tea Degrees, John Luong & Anthony Till, are well-versed in the bubble tea arts. They have tasted their way through the ‘bubble tea rainbow’ and curated a menu featuring both their traditional faves and some special gourmet flaves.

Of course, they’re more than happy to do you up a special somethin’ somethin’ as well, and may even pop it on the permanent menu if it tickles their fancy.

While recipes vary across the globe, bubble tea generally contains tea of some kind, flavours, milk, and sugar. The signature component of the tea, according to most, is the chewy tapioca balls (also known as pearls or boba), fruit jelly, aloe vera, agar jelly, or puddings inside the drinks.

Owner John is a self-confessed bubble tea fanatic – as well as a software developer, father, and husband – making it his personal mission to try as many varieties of bubble tea as he can. John noticed that so many teahouses (of the bubble variety) really missed the mark for healthier options, and so sought to fill that gap in the market.

Owner Anthony – who is also a software tester, musician and fitness enthusiast -had been looking for an opportunity to start a business for some time. And, after a few chats (and inevitably, some bubble teas), John and Anthony decided to join forces and whip up the brainchild that is Tea Degrees.

Tea Degrees offers a variety of vegan options and protein teas for those seeking a healthier option, as well as the luxe gourmet options for those seeking something special. It’s open Mon – Fri: 10am – 6pm, and Sat – Sun: 10am – 5pm. You can find it at Shop 9, 82 King William Street, Adelaide.

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