Wine down this Christmas with Asda

asda christmas wines

It’s CHRISTMAS, our favourite time of year in London. The English capital has no shortage of fun events and activities during the silly season, and for each one you need the perfect bottle of wine to bring. Whether as a thoughtful gift or a delicious drop for you and your friends to enjoy, here are some of our favourite’s from Asda‘s festive wine selection.

Mulled wine

Obviously we were going to start with our FAVOURITE Christmas drink, mulled wine. Coming from Australia where December 25th is hot and the drinks are ice cold, you won’t find us without a mulled drink in our hand when we celebrate Christmas in London. Making your own mulled wine can be time-consuming and requires loads of spices, so Asda has handily bottled one for you to easily heat at home. Steeping cinnamon, nutmeg, clove spices and citrus fruits in a juicy red wine, this delicious drink has it all, and all you have to do is heat gently over a saucepan and enjoy. A glass of this is perfect for when curling up on the couch to watch Love Actually for the 293849230482 time, or a fun seasonal drink to serve to guests.

asda christmas wines

Rosé D’Adimant

When you want a wine to impress, Rosé D’Adimant is the perfect pick. The stunning bottle features a contemporary geometric design that makes the perfect centrepiece to a dinner table, and a chic vase or candleholder when the bottle is empty (and washed). Aside from the beautiful bottle, the wine inside is delish too, medium-bodied with a dry finish.

Louis Bernard Rosé Brut

Stuck for a last-minute gift idea, or struggling with someone that’s a little difficult to buy for? Let us introduce you to the Louis Bernard Rosé Brut. Sitting somewhere between a champagne and a rosé, this fancy drink will please even the most surreptitious relative and is the perfect thing to celebrate how amazing 2019 was. Grab the ice bucket, whip out the good glassware and toast with this bold and delicious drop.

asda christmas wines

Extra Special Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is one of our all-time favourite wines to have with food, as it’s often such an easy-drinking drop. It pairs well with loads of our favourite foods, like seafood, light pasta sauces, sushi and antipasto spreads. Asda’s Extra Special Pinot Grigio is quite intense, balancing fruity melon flavours with a slightly bitter grapefruit background for a wine that you can rely on any day of the week.

As well as our picks above, Asda have a large range of wines at super affordable price points that are perfect for Christmas. Whether you’re looking for a special gift, something to go with dinner or a festive seasonal drink, Asda has it all.

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