2KW Welcomes the Winter

Just this week, Adelaide’s sleek rooftop bar 2KW officially launched their brand new winter menu and latest cocktail collection, hosting a media night to celebrate. The Adelaidian and a number of selected guests were invited to come in and sample the menu changes, getting an exclusive first taste of 2KW’s winter wonders.

Cocktails began with the Barrel Aged Rosita, infusing a delicious combination of tequila, vermouth and orange. Forget what you know about tequila – 2KW’s Rosita gives the spirit a whole new dimension and acute elegance in flavour.

IMG_7278 (Large)

Preparing the beverages!

IMG_7286 (Large)

Plane Tree.

The Plane Tree was our second drink of the night, but most definitely the favourite. Sherry, orange and chestnut join forces to create the ultimate winter warmer, with a flavour profile hinting an edge of spice. We could picture ourselves sipping this one wrapped up in blankets, lazing about on the couch in front of a fireplace on a cold winter’s night. If winter had its own flavour, the Plane Tree would be it.

IMG_7304 (Large)

Boomer Beach and Coconut Old Fashioned.

2KW are renowned for their creative takes on classic cocktails, and the Coconut Old Fashioned seeks to uphold this reputation with a splendid blend of tequila, almond, lemon and chocolate. Old Fashioned’s sure are for the acquired tastebud, however we feel this unique version of the cocktail is sure to be a people pleaser in the eyes of many – the drink’s smoothness and granduer essence is practically unbeatable.

Canape versions of the new dishes included the Mushroom Patch, full of wholesome ingredients such as purple basil, turnip puree, porcini and an assortment of wondrous mushrooms, as well as the Josper Roasted Calamari with cannellini bean, fennel and chilli.

IMG_7310 (Large)

The four new dishes.

IMG_7299 (Large)

Super Salad!

IMG_7295 (Large)

Trio of Duck.

2KW’s vegetarian goodness offered patrons a delightful Super Salad, consisting of broccolini, brussel sprouts, kale, cauliflower and a mix of grains and seeds. With an incredibly earthy flavour and texture, this dish makes you feel instantly healthy, almost like you’ve cleansed the toxins from your body after running a 10k marathon (don’t be fooled, because you haven’t… but surely it’s one step in the right direction!). These are great tummy fillers minus the sluggishness and bloat that comes with most processed, fatty meals.

Boycott the notion that rooftop bars can’t be fantastic winter destinations, for as rooftop restaurants The Gallery and now 2KW have both demonstrated, you can certainly still enjoy cosy dinner and drinks with a view.

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