3 Easy Hairstyles You Can Wear to AFF

The Adelaidian teamed up with Ingrid Wolff (@hairbywolff) and Blow! It’s a Hair Thing (@blowitsahairthing) to create three easy looks you can recreate at home to wear to the Adelaide Fashion Festival!

Prepare the hair with REDKEN’s new Beach Envy Volume shampoo and conditioner.
On towel-dried hair spray evenly Volumizing and Texturizing REDKEN Rootful 06 root lifting spray for a grippy texture and hold. Dry product in hair until 100% dry.
Section hair into 1″ sections, spraying hair as you go with REDKEN Hot Sets 22 thermal setting spray for maximum control and heat protection.
Pick up a 1″ section and with a straightener, bend the hair inwards first to create volume at the roots, then hold in the crease of the bend just created before bending the hair in the opposite direction. Continue this technique down the hair until the ends.
Continue throughout entire head.
Finish with a spritz of REDKEN Fashion Waves 07 sea salt spray for a beachy, undone texture.

Prepare the hair with REDKEN’s new High Rise Volume shampoo and conditioner.
The same as LOOK 1, prepare with REDKEN Rootful 06 and REDKEN Hot Sets 22.
Using a curling wand and heat protective glove, wind 1″ sections around wand leaving just the ends out for a slightly undone look.
Continue all around head making sure the hair is curled away from the face for the most flattering look.
When finished tip head upside down and spray in some REDKEN Wind Blown 05 Dry Finishing Spray for a matte texture. Shake up hair with fingers and flip hair back up to create body and effortless movement.

Start with day old hair for the best hold.
Evenly distribute REDKEN Iron Shape 11 thermal protecting spray then dry in directing hair away from the face.
Iron hair starting at the nape of the neck in 1cm sections working your way towards the front hairline directing all the hair back.
Drench roots with REDKEN Rootful 06 until wet to the touch, combing backwards as you go.
OPTION 1: This look can be left to dry naturally and flat for a more sleek look.
OPTION 2: To give the look a bit more guts and add some texture, dry the product in hair by roughly blasting the hair away from the face. The product may take a while to dry in but you must make sure the hair is 100% dry otherwise it won’t hold.
When dry, spray until wet using REDKEN Triple Take 32 extreme high-hold hairspray. Either let dry naturally or dry in using a diffuser. This look should feel rock hard on the top and soft ends.

Have fun with these styles, and we can’t wait to see you all at Adelaide Fashion Festival!

While these styles are easy enough to do at home, if you’re in a rush and would rather pay someone else to do it you can contact Ingrid at Blow! It’s A Hair Thing on (08) 8223 4257.
Song: Difference by Tigerilla

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