5 tips to avoid hibernating this winter

We have all seen the weather forecast for this week right? It’s so cold it should be illegal and it’s times like these that make us all want to cocoon ourselves in a blanket, eat comfort food and waste away the day on a Netflix binge. Staying motivated can be difficult during the chilly months but I’ve found these tips help me feel healthy and happy on the inside and out.

1. Let’s get Physical

A relaxing yoga session at Next Gen Memorial Drive.

A relaxing yoga session at Next Gen Memorial Drive.

Don’t use the cold weather as an excuse to miss out on those lovely endorphins. If you lack motivation, why not join a group fitness style program? From the numerous F45 and CrossFit locations around Adelaide to KX Pilates or MBody – the options are endless and there is a workout for every fitness level and preference. Working out with a group of likeminded and motivated people this past year has completely changed my attitude to fitness and it can for you too. Even just joining a gym is a step in the right direction with locations such as Goodlife Health Clubs and Next Gen offering a range of group fitness classes such as Les Mills, Yoga and Zumba.

2. Set realistic goals

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Set goals you know you can achieve and be proud of your efforts whether you get there or not. If its a fitness goal then set a purpose or an endgame for your training. There are tonnes of fun events coming to Adelaide over the next few months which you could work towards. Want to climb 6000 stairs? Stadium Stomp is coming to Adelaide this weekend to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation.  Are you a Ninja Warrior fan and think obstacle courses are more your thing? Grab your group and register for True Grit’s Night Attack at the end of September or Reebok’s Spartan Race in August.

3. Be mindful of what you fuel your body with

Nutrition Republic treats.

Nutrition Republic treats.

I’m not saying you need to count calories or survive on a diet of chicken, broccoli and rice but when you cook something healthy, make extra portions and put them in the fridge or freezer for those times when you have no motivation to cook. Simply chuck it in the microwave or into a pot on the stove and it will stop you from resorting to comfort foods which will only give you a temporary sense of joy. Recently I’ve found some tasty recipes for various vegetable soups and an excellent vegetarian chilli that I have been able to survive a whole week on with a maximum of two hours preparation on the weekend.

4. Stay social

Drinks, drinks and more drinks with friends at Pawn & Co, Melbourne. Image: Jim Lee Photo

No that doesn’t mean socialising with other human beings solely through your group chat or a Snapchat streak. Finishing Orange is the New Black season 5 in one day may feel productive now, but being around your friends will lift your mood. I’m not saying you have to hit the town or force yourself to go to a party but organise a brunch date or a dinner with your squad. Fun fact, friends bring out the best in us.

5. Get outside

Gorgeous landscape scenery at Hugh Hamilton Wines.

Gorgeous landscape scenery at Hugh Hamilton Wines.

… and smell the flowers. Well I’m not sure if there are many flowers during winter but studies have shown that getting a dose of fresh air from Mother Nature can help improve your focus, creativity and lift your mood. Why not rug up and go for a hike this weekend? Adelaide has so many great trails from the Hallett Cove Board Walk, to Shepherds Hill Recretion Park or even Mt Lofty if you want to be #basic. Remember if you didn’t Instagram it, did it even happen?

How will you stay motivated this winter? If you’re doing one or all of the activities listed above, tag us in your socials – we’d love to see your motivation!


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