SouthStart 2017: For anyone who wants a successful career

Tonight we attended the first day of SouthStart 2017, and left feeling totally inspired.

SouthStart is a conference where everyone from those who are looking to get into business or pitch ideas, to CEOs of million-dollar startups can mingle, network and be motivated by each other.

After listening to Samantha Wong from Blackbird Ventures & Startmate, Toby Heap from H2 Ventures and Catherine Eibner from BlueChillo speak on a panel hosted by Aaron LePoidevin from PWC, we realised that people in every industry have something to learn from these startups.

Tomorrow SouthStart continues for its second day with another conference and an exciting expo. Starting at 8:30am in the morning and finishing at 6pm, you’ll get to chat to people like Adam Jacobs, Managing Director & Co-Founder at THE ICONIC, and listen to Andrew Lark, former Chief Marketing and Business Officer at Xero, give a speech on The Connected Customer, as well as learn from loads of other panels and talks.

One of the events we’re most excited for is the Pitch Competition, where startups are given the chance to pitch to a panel investors and founders (and eager spectators like us), with the winner taking away $10,000 to go towards their idea.

No business is complete without a little bit of pleasure though, and after SouthStart wraps up tomorrow the networking will continue in a more laid-back environment at Casablabla. After a couple of glasses of sangria, you might have just worked up the courage to speak to one of your newfound role models from the panels!

To purchase tickets for tomorrows event, click here.

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