Take a one-way ticket to Tokyo with Magic Maho Bar

Teleporting you straight to the heart of Tokyo, Magic Maho is a special kind of bar. This pop-up is running from April through to June with an immersive experience quite unlike anything we’ve seen in Sydney. Part-show, part-bar and all magic, it’s a travelling magic show that offers a close-up look at Japanese magic, with sleight-of-hand tricks, juggling acts and impressive card games all in the mix.

The neon-lit pop up bar is currently nestled at Pyrmont Bay Park by the glittering waters; it’s undoubtedly the perfect location for drinks and a show. Take your friends, take your family, take your partner… if there’s one thing Magic Maho promises to do, it’s entertain. From start to finish, we were giggling, ogling at the tricks and sitting on the edge of our seat waiting for what was to come next.

This is actually the second time I’ve visited Magic Maho and it’s the second time they’ve touched down in Sydney. It was every bit of a spectacle as I remember from last time. With tricks up their sleeve both old and new, you’re promised a night of non-stop fun and games. The whole cast is just so mesmerising and charismatic, always cracking jokes and filling the silence with something silly to entertain.

Their magic tricks are nothing short of impressive, too. I am consistently left wondering about all the little ways they could have tricked us. On one hand, you have a bartender spinning bottles, eating fire and pouring rainbow coloured shots for the crowd. On the other, you have a trickster gliding through a deck of cards and landing upon two cards that just so happen to read your birthday. You have an “engineer” of sorts who can somehow link and unlink sturdy metal hoops, as well as plenty more sleight-of-hand facades that will leave you in analytical frenzy attempting to decode the secret.

Sound like the perfect night out? Tickets are $69 and available to purchase online here.

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