A Cuatro Reminds Us That Emotion Can Be Seen After All

In what can only be described as an exhilarating explosion of sound and sight, A Cautro makes its presence known at the Adelaide Fringe 2017. A cultural delight for all ages, this performance will have you hooked until the very last dance by the award winning performers and musicians who form this sharp and dazzling group.

A Cuatro reminds us that music has the power to communicate something deeper, unveiling buried emotions in any listener. Rosalie Cocchiaro is a Madrid trained dancer who breathtakingly moves the audience along a powerful journey told through flamenco. Although I do not understand Spanish, A Cuatro resembles an emotive story that unfolds with the rhythm, heightened by dramatic and swift dance movements and synced with intense yet soothing and almost tranquilising flamenco sounds.

Rosalie takes the stage and seizes our attention with a vigorous agility that cannot be put into words. Her gaze is fixed on the crowd and her expression only intensifies to the melodies made by her counterparts. As she stands before us against a simple black backdrop, we are challenged to feel what she feels on stage – an impressive and influential energy that incidentally flows through the crowd, eagerly tempted to tap our feet or hands to the otherworldly compositions.

Jessica Statham, named one of Australia Magazine‘s most outstanding dancers in 2013, lives up to all the hype and entices audience members to stand so they can get a proper view of her incredible footwork that is quite literally unbelievable. As her costume glistens under a warm spotlight, you can see the hard work and sweat put into every dance move established onto the stage before us. Like Rosalie, Jessica shares a bewildering stage presence that elates.

Alongside Rosalie and Jessica, acclaimed international flamenco singer Naike Ponce (Candiz, Spain) enhances the shows’ dynamism through her unique and ethereal vocals echoing throughout the space. She manages to captivate us with her passion and connection to the music as she gets lost in the song, which in turn bounces back onto us.

Aria nominated guitarist Damian Wright leads the group, bringing every member together with each strum of his guitar. The sultry yet graceful sounds that Damian makes are exceptionally crisp, not faltering in any way, seducing the crowd. Having lived in Spain for three years and travelling back and forth for quite some time, it is apparent that Damian brings a little slice of this magical place to our shores, changing it up also in a contemporary and exciting fashion.

Sadly, A Cuatro only performed for one show only this season, but keep an eye out for their upcoming productions by heading to Flamenqueando Productions Facebook page.

We rate: ★★★★ 4/5 stars

Image: Flamenqueano Productions

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