Absurdities Freakshow

Be prepared to be shocked, to feel squeamish in the stomach and to squirm in your seats: Ladies and gentlemen, Absurdities Freakshow is the truly absurd Adelaide Fringe show you’re missing out on if you haven’t seen it already.

Showing at Gluttony, Absurdities Freakshow exudes a sense of sideshow horror, comprising of three fantastic and downright freaky individuals Jenn O. Cide, Tweedle Needle and Samorda Squid, each presenting their own astounding talents to a crowd of eager onlookers.

Jenn, the sassy ringleader, showcased a range of gruesome talents including glass eating (that crunch!) and vaginal weightlifting whereby she inserted a string of metal balls ‘up there’ and attached a metal bucket to it, asking the audience to put their weirdest items in the bucket. Apparently Jenn holds international title for the world’s third strongest vagina, which does explain the impressive performance.

Tweedle Needle was a sweet yet sadistic character, and her unnerving talent was the ability to stick numerous needles through her skin… everywhere, all over her body. Her finale was ever so dramatic, as she laid down a white cloth beneath her and began to pull the needles from her legs, hands, arms, breasts, forehead, and cheeks to some contrastingly cheerful music. Guests watched in complete horror as streams of blood run down her body leaving red droplets all over the cloth. It was a super confronting act, yet you just could not look away!

Tweedle also did crazy things with her lady parts, attaching clamps and chains to her labia which connected to a heavy, metal cask filled to the brim with coke and rum. She proceeded to lift the bucket with her labia and swing it back and forth repeatedly, causing me to feel slightly queasy as I began to imagine the pain she must be feeling. Yikes!

Samora Squid was the relatively quiet, goofy contortionist, who freakishly dislocated his arm in three different places, making a few disgusting pop sounds and swinging his now limp arm around like a floppy wet towel. He then bent his legs right back behind his head, brought his arms around to the front and grabbed a small guitar to play a song for us. Now we understand the name Samora “Squid”.

Absurdities Freakshow was terrifyingly brutal but fascinating, like a car crash you can’t turn away from. We just couldn’t get enough of this thriving three. We would have loved to see more freakish stunts had the show gone longer than 45 minutes; hopefully the trio return next year for another eye-boggling extravaganza! We will definitely return for more.

We rate: ★★★★ 4.5/5 stars


Image: The Absurdities

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