Adelaide Central Market launches ‘Producer in Residence’

For over 147 years, the Adelaide Central Market has provided South Australians, tourists and travellers with a vast range of fresh food including locally sourced fruit and veg, meat, seafood, small goods, cheeses, scrumptious baked goods, health foods and quality imported European products. Likewise, the market is home to some of SA’s most renowned eateries and market traders, with their oldest business spanning 93 years.

With this in mind, The Adelaide Central Market Authority (ACMA), have organised an incredible opportunity for emerging entrepreneurs to showcase their products and talent by temporarily leasing the ‘Producer in Residence Stall’  in none other than Adelaide’s most celebrated food and culture hub for a two week period. The residency program encourages innovative food operators to test and trial their product in a creative space that attracts the attention of over 8.5 million visitors each year, all whilst keeping overall costs at a minimum and supporting small and upcoming businesses.



We were invited to attend the official launch of the Producer in Residence Stall program, with first resident Sucre Patisserie spoiling guests with a spread of decadent French inspired pastries and coffee choices. Let’s just say, it was worth rolling out of bed and braving the cold for this one.

These delicate sweet appetizers gave a sneak peak of what Sucre Patisserie have on offer during their two week residency; macarons, mini choux inspired profiteroles coated in vibrant hues of icing and delectable moist sponge cakes infused with in season orange and citrus. An attractive setup of bright lush flowers and fresh eggs displayed alongside mouth-watering cakes create an inviting space that simultaneously enhances Sucre Patisserie’s ‘fresh’ vibe. From vegan chocolate cake, gluten-free options, sugar cookies and an eye-catching chocolate mousse that I’ll undoubtedly be returning for, Sucre Patisserie have a little something for everyone. Business owner and head pastry chef Keva gave us an insight into what inspired her entrepreneurial venture after working part-time at a bakery since the age of 17. Keva’s love for locally sourced and in season produce shines through each tasty pastry she creates, incorporating winter fruits and ingredients like citrus, quince and Australia’s native wattle seed through today’s bite-sized desserts.


Co-owner and non-executive Chairman of Bellis Fruit Bars (est. 1952) Nick Begakis, expressed that the Producer in Residence Stall will give people a ‘space to visit for new and interesting flavour combinations, whilst allowing visitors to see a new business and try a unique product every two weeks’.

With Sucre Patisserie’s heavenly range of pastries ticking all the right boxes, we eagerly look forward to what’ll be popping up next at the Producer in Residence Stall in two weeks’ time.  


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