Tasting Australia turns Adelaide into the ultimate food destination this week

Attention Adelaide foodies! Adelaide’s eight-day eating and drinking festival has officially begun. Last Sunday, The Adelaidian was treated to the official opening brunch for Tasting Australia 2017. The opening was held in Town Square – located in Victoria Square – with a ‘new-look’ that was more inviting than ever.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a glass of bubbles from the Barossa and a granny smith and river mint juice, and the smell of wood grilled chicken and charred corn instantly made us hungry.

The official welcoming then commenced with a speech from the event’s creative director Simon Bryant (The Chef), and creative curator Jock Zonfrillo (Restaurant Orana, Adelaide).

“You can really explore flavour, origin, people and place at Tasting Australia,” Simon said.

We were then delighted to hear from special talented and guest speaker, Marco Pierre White – culinary icon and youngest chef to receive three Michelin stars – who had the crowd laughing with his characteristic humour.

“I’ve fallen in love with Adelaide, yesterday I got lost in the forest – in more ways than one – and actually enjoyed straight wine for once. The South Aussies really do make remarkable wine,” Marco said.

After the round of welcoming speeches, it was then our favourite part of the morning: food. Brightly face-painted Indigenous waiters carried around platters of Australian inspired hors d’oeuvres provided by native food specialist and chef Andrew Fielke. Each dish had different elements and ingredients derived straight from the Australian coast and outback.

Town Square is a free event open to the public, so be sure to make a visit or stop over on your lunch break for a little cozy indulgence by the open-air fires.

Town Square opening times:
Sunday 30 April 11am – 11pm
Monday 1 May 11am – 2.30pm Tuesday 2 May 11am – 2.30pm
Wednesday 3 May 11am – 11pm
Thursday 4 May 11am – 11pm
Friday 5 May 11am – midnight
Saturday 6 May 11am – midnight
Sunday 7 May 11am – 5pm

There are also plenty of events from cooking classes to fully catered meals, so be sure to check out the online itinerary to see all the events that will be running across all SA regions and experience the magic of culinary masterminds at their finest.

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