Adelaide’s Anchovy Bandit: Bar or Pizzeria? You Decide

Do you consider pizza more than a friend? Or are you inclined to dabble in cocktail creations?

If you answered yes to both, then your world is about to level up.

Enter: Anchovy Bandit.

As Adelaidians, we are always excited about new culinary delights popping up in our wonderful city. If you know the decent spots, then you will truly never be underwhelmed when heading out for a bite. Take it from us; this is definitely one to check out.

With its sleek new fit out on Prospect Road, how you view Anchovy Bandit is dependent on the way you wish to treat yourself for the night. This venue can be just as much a bar as it is a pizzeria.

The crew behind it all—Alex Bennett, along with NOLA’s Oliver Brown and Josh Talbot—have skewed from the traditional expectations of a dine-in restaurant. Palate-indulgent enthusiasts are just as welcome to nestle in for a drink as they are feasting on what can only be described as sensational, fluffy wood-oven pizzas.

The interior follows simple lines that ensure an open feel, while always drawing your eye line to the main attraction: a charming shelf-styled bar with an abundance of choices. For those wishing to settle in for more than a tipple, you’re bound to feel warm and cosy in the leather-lined booths as you watch your doughy delight being perfected in the wood-oven, only mere feet away.

What strikes us most about Anchovy Bandit is its ability to capture a classic Italian inspiration with its very own touch of Australiana. You only have to look as far as the Kangaroo pizza, or the ‘Bonnie Dune’—a strawberry gum-leaf-tea based cocktail; its name a welcomed nod to The Castle.

For those that enjoy the more traditional stuff, this brilliant crew are bound to have you covered. The allure of the menu is that it has plenty of variation without being overbearing. We’ve all been that person trying to decide on something.

Granted that what’s on offer is absolutely delicious, so if you are still having trouble choosing just have the bartender knock something up while you get stuck into antipasto. It’s easy to settle in here.

By the way, have you ever tried gnocchi pizza? It’s bound to get you pretty damn excited! Visits to Anchovy Bandit will probably have that effect on you.

Anchovy Bandit is located at 96 Prospect Road, Prospect.

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