After Hours Cabaret Club @ The Adelaide Fringe

After Hours Cabaret Club

So it’s the end of the week and you’ve found yourself down the East End to get amongst the Adelaide Fringe.

After a few wines you’ve decided to see something fun and a little bit naughty, but amongst the plethora of shows, you have no idea where to look. It’s after 10pm and you just can’t decide.

Enter: After Hours Cabaret Club.

On in the Wonderland Spiegeltent in Gluttony, this is the perfect late-night show for you to sit back and enjoy the fun and debauchery.

Packed with top-end burlesque, cabaret and circus performers, After Hours Cabaret Club offers an hour of sheer entertainment. We wouldn’t expect anything less with cabaret star Tash York as host and a sensational five-piece jazz band complementing the outstanding variety.

The show is a collection of individual performers at the top of their craft, providing you with copious jaw-dropping moments of sexiness and skill as we delve through many forms of cabaret. If it’s not the burlesque that gets you, it’ll be the sideshow circus that surpasses expectations. The accompanying tunes are just a bonus, with the musical numbers anything but lacklustre; the jazz band is certainly no slouch.

After Hours Cabaret Club is where stars go to strut their stuff after working shows around the Adelaide Fringe, bringing you glamorous world-class entertainers in one spot. Not only is there a bit of everything, but it’s also just a damn fun show to relax with a drink and switch off after a big week or launch into a night out.

This is the time of year to treat yourself, so what better way to enter the world of self-love than with innuendo and decadence? After Hours Cabaret Club is the perfect late-night platform to see what the genre is all about this Adelaide Fringe.

★★★★   4/5 stars

After Hours Cabaret Club is on at the Wonderland Spiegeltent in Gluttony on Thursday-Sunday except for 17th March. Tickets available online or at The Fringe Box Office. 

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