Adult circus ‘Infamous’ comes to town

A cold and muddy night in Adelaide was not quite enough to keep people away from the opening night of Infamous, an adult circus slash cabaret show.

Well-known for hosting loads of our city’s most relevant events, Bonython Park is Infamous’ location of choice, and the sight of the brightly lit circus tent calls visitors from across the parklands.

An ad hoc bar and the smell of popcorn greet you as you enter the event’s main stage; then, as the lights start to dim, the show begins with the high-energy unrelenting performers and the ‘wheel of death’.

Muscular bodies in sequined leotards and glittering getups perform a set of seemingly impossible tasks on this wheel, while making it look deceptively easy.

This cabaret is strictly 18+ and rightfully so, as we soon discover, due to a series of uncensored acts and some scantily clothed entertainers, who admittedly do a very fine job of entertaining (and make it look effortless).

A slightly more risqué type of circus, infamous mixes sensuality with skill and this undoubtedly is enough to keep you engaged all throughout its varying acts.

You’ll find your eyes exclusively glued on the fit and able bodies, praying that inertia won’t fail them as they launch themselves fearlessly into the air, with serious elegance and precision.

Expect to see unicycles, tightropes, trapezes (and some supersized balloons) combined with comic relief all throughout, together with the help of an exhilarating, uplifting playlist in the background.

In one particular segment, Azealia Banks and Beyoncé are briefly swapped for the sweet soft sound of Bon Iver (‘Holocene’), as a talented male artist resurrects himself in what can best be described as a heavenly performance.

Infamous will be in town for a few weeks and will host several different shows up until September 10, at 7:30pm on (some Wednesdays) Thursdays, Fridays, and on the weekends.

To grab your tickets to the adult circus sensation (before it heads to Wagga Wagga) and check out their Adelaide schedule, head to their website here!

Image: Supplied

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