The Breast Is Yet To Come: an uninhibited look at womanhood and pregnancy

Friday, September 1 will see the unapologetically funny Amelia Ryan perform her one-woman show, The Breast Is Yet To Come at Adelaide’s Nexus Arts Centre.

The cabaret-comedy icon has gifted us in the past with her other notorious productions – ‘A Storm in a D Cup’ and ‘Lady Liberty’ – but this time, she’s also awaiting the arrival of her first child in October.

And after gracing many stages abroad (only recently just returning from the Edinburgh Fringe), we’ve managed to get her back to Adelaide for the one night only show, before she leaves us once again for Wollongong.

The Breast Is Yet To Come focuses on her experience of pregnancy, and begins to ask those universal questions that many women will undeniably ask themselves, e.g. are the best (or breast) years really to come? Or have they already been and gone?

Yet, despite some serious themes, Amelia will undoubtedly bring heart, hilarity and a kind of (uncensored) honesty to this performance, as she explores a range of topics, from pregnancy-induced neurosis to rampant mood swings.

The show is constructed around her pregnancy timeline, detailing her experiences along the road and during each milestone, as transparent and as organically as possible.

Ryan hopes she can give the audience a sense of empowerment and acceptance, regardless of their circumstance and even provide an antidote to societal expectation.

“I hope it’s a show with a wide appeal for both men and women,” she says.

After she ventures into parenthood, Amelia says she’s considering returning to Adelaide during Fringe season, for a kind of ‘postpartum’ follow-up, this time as a young mother.

“I’m really also looking forward to being a mum,” she adds.

And we anticipate her assessment of motherhood will make for yet another fabulous and facetious production.

To catch her well before then (and while she’s still got her bulging bump), you can grab your tickets to The Breast Is Yet To Come online.


Image: Illawarra Mercury

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