Asiafest Opening

Did someone say dumplings?

Asiafest 2015 held its official opening yesterday afternoon down in Rymill Park, offering patrons a magical day of Asian cuisine and entertainment.

With limitless servings of crunchy shallot pancakes, tasty fried dumplings, rice meat curry dishes and more, we could not stop eating! But the refreshments didn’t stop there…

IMG_1472 (Large)

Kirin ciders and cocktails with spicy chicken pieces. Yummy!

At Uncle Wang’s Asian Grocery and Bar, we saw an impressive beverage list, serving cocktails and a large range of spirits, beers, ciders and wines, many of which were of Asian brands such as the Japanese Kirin cider and The Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve spirit. Our favourites were certainly the cocktail options, particularly the refreshing Lychee Green Tea made with Bacardi Rum, Lychee Flavoured Green Bubble Tea and jelly.

After a Director’s Tour of the festival, we browsed the vicinity ourselves, soaking up the sun and immersing ourselves in the culture from each of the different Asian countries, Japan, Thailand, Vietname, Korea and China.

IMG_1480 (Large)

Cantonese Opera performers

At our pitt stop in Thailand, we enjoyed a fabulous performance put on by Thailand Ladyboy Superstars, covered in elaborate jeweled costumes and large, feathered headpieces.

In Japan, we actively engaged in some go-kan-ryu karate with Fitness With Purpose, sharpening up our fighting skills. Black Belt championships, here we come!

We took a trip to Vietnam, enjoying the beautiful lake scenery and checking out the bamboo covered food stalls offering delicious Vietnamese street food. Passing by the Sit Lo stall, we found the most amazing product: a a mini portable Sriracha sauce bottle attached to a key chain! I’ll take 50, thanks.

IMG_1544 (Large)


As the sun set, we sat ourselves down on recliners to relax and enjoy what was left of the sun, feeling like we were in an entirely different country altogether. Asiafest really did transport us worlds away from home.

We’re looking forward to spending the next ten days basking the sunlight and stuffing our faces with spring rolls down at Asiafest. If you want to know more, you can find the full festival program here.

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