C Pilates brings new, affordable classes to Adelaide’s west

They say summer bodies are made in winter, so with the weather starting to warm up, it’s about time we get our act together! Plus, who doesn’t want toned, strong muscles all year round?

Thankfully, C Pilates is offering fun, affordable Pilates classes in a fast-paced workout environment in Adelaide’s west.

‘When I moved back to Adelaide recently I thought I was spoilt for choice in terms of Pilates studios, but I found they were either too expensive or the classes didn’t offer enough’, the owner Cherie said. ‘Having twenty or thirty people crammed into a room is not my idea of fun, all trying to get a view of one instructor up the front who never leaves their podium’.

‘I earned my mat work and small equipment qualifications so that I could offer an affordable Pilates class where everyone feels welcomed’, she said. ‘I love setting challenges for my clients but I love it more when they realise they can do it and can see how far they’ve come, while enjoying it’.

Cherie says her classes are run in a fun and relaxed environment and when the weather is nice she likes to mix it up by working outside!

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider doing Pilates…

  1. It’s great for posture.
  2. It’s ideal for strengthening and lengthening muscles (hello abs!).
  3. A strong core alleviates back pain, preventing injury and helping with a range of other ailments.

Originally starting in Cherie’s backyard, classes are now held at Glengowrie Uniting Church and Partridge House in Glenelg on everyday of the week. Cherie offers 45-minute classes, express classes and even has a session suitable for children on Friday mornings. Each class is $12 a session with an introductory offer of 10 sessions for $100 for anyone who signs up in October and November.

Book in now to secure your session at C Pilates!


Image: C Pilates Facebook Page

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