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It goes without saying that choosing to take in a lost dog or orphaned kitten is an easy decision, but what about a homeless teenager with a four-month-old baby in tow?

Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica is hectic from start to finish. Written in a similar way to Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, the story of a runaway teenager named Willow is told through three different perspectives, creating depth and allowing the reader to understand the way the characters think.

For a lot of people, dropping some spare change to a homeless person may be enough, but not for Heidi Wood.

Heidi, a woman who works for a non-profit organisation, loves to help people. Although it’s part of her livelihood, Heidi goes above and beyond, taking Willow into her house after seeing her on the streets and treating her as her own child. The girl’s arrival is much to the distaste of her husband, Chris who flies in and out on business trips with his seductive co-worker and their teen daughter Zoe, currently in her ‘I hate everything’ phase.

We soon discover where Willow and her baby Ruby came from and why Heidi agrees to help her.

Mary Kubica packs enough suspense and action in this thriller, which left me turning the pages long after my usual bedtime.

If you enjoyed Gone Girl, you will be equally impressed with Pretty Baby and its surprising plot twist at the end.

Worms: 4/5


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