Cork & Canvas launches ‘Paint & Sip’ sessions at home

Cork & Canvas Paint and Sip home sessions

We’re living for the cute ideas coming out of quarantine right now. With all this time to be creative at home, there are so many fun things happening online! From workout challenges on Instastory, to free cocktail masterclasses and online marketing workshops, people are really striving to adjust to this new way of life. Cork & Canvas are now also playing their part, introducing ‘Paint & Sip’ sessions at home.

It’s exactly as the name suggests. Grab some paint, grab some wine and bunker down at home as you paint yourself a beautiful masterpiece with the help of Cork & Canvas’ online workshops. This funky self-isolation innovation is bound to keep you entertained and relaxed while cooped up at home.

In fact, research has shown that 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body. And with all the crazy stuff happening in the world right now, a little alone time spent de-stressing is something we all could benefit from. Plus, painting experience is not a requirement for this one. Absolutely anyone can pick up a brush and get painting!

Get Started

To get started, you can purchase a creativity kit here which will cover all the essentials. They include canvases, brushes, tubes of paint and complimentary disposable palettes to have you feeling like a true Picasso in no time. And with a kit for one costing just $65, that’s a pretty cool deal considering how expensive canvases can get. You can also get kits for two, four (family) and an additional supplies kit.

Honestly though, this is such a cute idea for couples or family bonding in quarantine right now. It would also make a great date night idea, set up with some candles and a homecooked meal! And if you’re riding solo, why not paint yourself a nice piece of artwork to hang on your wall. That way, in the future, you can look back at your art and remember just how weird the year 2020 was. ?

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